Elisa's Priorities

Meet Elisa Chan 

Elisa Chan embodies the American Dream. Elisa believes America is Ronald Reagan’s “shining city on a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.”  She loves America and believes the job of keeping America’s light shining must be the responsibility of conservative Texans. Elisa is the conservative we need in the Texas House​.



Chan’s Personal Story

Born in Taiwan, Elisa was not a conservative when she first became an American citizen, but her life experiences slowly and steadily fortified her into a strong and fearless advocate of conservative values.​

Successful Small Business Owner 

Elisa’s business experience began to change her life as she and her husband Clifford built a successful engineering firm from scratch. They started with one office in San Antonio and expanded to Austin and now employ more than 50 people. Each step of the way she fought government bureaucracy, excessive regulations and job killing taxes. Elisa learned how hard it is to achieve the American Dream when government stands in the way. She understands the challenges that businesses face and what it takes to build a strong Texas economy. 

Family Values and Education

While building their family business, Elisa became a mother. Her long-awaited and difficult late-in-life pregnancy helped shape her opinions on the value and sanctity of human life.  Today, Chan faces the challenges of educating her daughter and has a heartfelt concern about Texas’ education system.

Defending Conservative Principles

Chan refused to cave when left-wing activists tried to cancel her for opposing a poorly written so-called non-discrimination ordinance that would have disqualified many Christian-owned businesses from city contracts in order to push LGBTQ values. As is happening recently on Critical Race Theory (CRT), she saw first-hand how vicious liberals can be when you refuse to conform to their narrative. Chan proved she will stand strong against trans-athletes unfair advantage and Critical Race Theory. As a minority, herself, Chan is a powerful conservative response to left-wing dangerous policies.

Secure Our Border

As a legal immigrant who obeyed the law as she reached her dream to be part of this wonderful nation, Elisa has been a strong opponent for the Biden open border policy. Biden welcomes tens of thousands of illegal immigrants he thinks will vote Democrat while blocking legal immigrants with skills and talents America needs.

Maintain Our Infrastructure

With more people moving to Texas every day, our infrastructure including transportation, water, and energy is under stress.  The devastating power outages in February 2021 are an example of how we must be prepared for the population growth.  Through her civil engineering company, Elisa knows first-hand the challenges Texas face regarding transportation. Elisa’s experiences with city owned utilities, CPS Energy and San Antonio Water System, while serving on City Council give her unique perspective on how to address water and power issues in Texas 

Stop Inflation

The Biden Administration brought back inflation by trying to cut American productivity with lockdowns and killing pipelines that drive up the price of gasoline. And they made it worse by spending trillions on wasteful programs. Seniors on fixed incomes are hit hardest by Biden’s policies. Texas can protect seniors by helping lead America out of this by rebuilding our economy.  That is the only way to stop Biden from wiping out the savings of retired Texans.



Proven Conservative Representative

On Council, Chan was known for her tireless efforts to cut wasteful spending, oppose new taxes, and for her defense of conservative values. She was unafraid to be the voice of reason against liberal Democrat Mayor Julian Castro’s social agenda.


Chan successfully fought to balance San Antonio’s budget without new taxes and helped attract more than 18,000 private sector jobs as San Antonio’s economic development chair. She took on the tough social issues and fought for what she believes. With an acute eye for details and strong connection to her voters, Chan became a strong voice for conservatives.