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Fact #1

 Elisa Chan supported Ted Cruz in the 2016 Primary. When Donald Trump became the nominee, Elisa immediately donated

$2,700, the legal maximum contribution

to Donald Trump's campaign efforts to defeat Hillary Clinton.

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In spite of serving with a huge majority of Democrats, Chan helped lower tax rates and never once voted to raise tax rates.
Fact #2
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Due to a false attack about Hillary Clinton, the Dorazio attack PAC was forced to take their false ad off the air.
Fact #3
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The PAC knew the Hillary attack was a lie, but still continued to send mail with the identical attack.
Fact #4
 Mark Dorazio 

Mark Dorazio does not support Republicans

While Dorazio was chairman of the Bexar Republican Party, forty precinct of chairmen left after he made statewide media attacking the Republican Speaker of the House.


Mark Dorazio nearly bankrupted the Bexar County Republican Party

When Dorazio left as chairman of the Bexar Republican Party, most of the money had been spent and local Republicans went on to be badly defeated in the next election.


Mark Dorazio is no different than Sleepy Joe Biden

Dorazio is not campaigning actively at his age and even fell asleep during a recent campaign appearance.


Mark Dorazio fails to pay his taxes

The State of Texas was forced to place a tax lien against Dorazio’s business for refusing to pay taxes.

 Elisa Chan 

Elisa Chan NEVER BACKS DOWN from liberals

Elisa Chan served as a conservative member on the San Antonio City Council and was the main voice in opposition to liberal Mayor Julian Castro


Elisa Chan is a Conservative Champion

Elisa Chan is well known for helping grow the Republican Party and getting Republicans elected


Elisa Chan is an active campaigner

Elisa Chan shows up to campaign events, meetings, block walks her district and doesn’t fall asleep. She does all this while running a successful business.


Elisa Chan pays her taxes

Elisa Chan has never failed to pay her taxes or had a lien brought against her or her business.


Chip in to help support Elisa Chan! 

Mark Dorazio has been attacking Elisa Chan because he has nothing else to run on. 

Elisa Chan won the March Republican Primary by 10 points but missed winning without a run off. 

Runoff Election Day: Tuesday, May 24th

Runoff Early Voting: May 16th - May 20th