Meet Elisa Chan

As a conservative San Antonio City Council member, Elisa Chan successfully fought to balance San Antonio’s budget without raising taxes, helped create more than 18,000 private sector jobs as the Economic Development Chair, and was unafraid to be the voice of reason, standing up for individual rights against liberal Democrat Mayor Julian Castro’s social agenda.

Born in Taiwan, Elisa was not a conservative when she first became an American citizen, but her life experiences slowly and steadily fortified her into a strong and fearless advocate of conservative values.


One of those key life experiences was building a successful engineering firm from scratch. The business started with just Chan and her husband Clifford in 1992. Without family connections or financial backers, they worked hard and put every dollar earned back to the company and were able to grow the business to over 50 full-time employees. They started with one office in San Antonio and expanded to Austin and are now consistently ranked among the 25 largest local firms by the San Antonio Business Journal. Dealing with regulation and bureaucracy at the federal, state, and local levels gave Chan her first taste of how damaging government can be to job creation and prosperity. 


While building their business, Elisa became a mother. Her long-waited and difficult pregnancy helped shape her opinions on the value and sanctity of human life.


In 2009, Chan ran to represent San Antonio’s most conservative Council District. Chan quickly won over voters with her likeable demeanor and solid conservative values and was elected convincingly.

On the Council, Chan became known for her tireless efforts to cut wasteful spending and her opposition to new taxes. She took on the tough social issues and fought to protect individual liberties from government overreach. With an acute eye for details and strong connection to her voters, Chan became a strong voice for conservative. Chan was re-elected two more times with strong support from her conservative base.